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"My son Eric has been working with Irina Mashinski for almost 5 years now and will continue to do so.  He needed to focus on strengthening his math skills.   Eric started out uncertain and was lacking key understandings of the concepts that were not explored completely in the classroom. 
Once he started working with Irina, his understanding increased exponentially.  His grasp of the concepts and the meaning behind them became stronger.  Eric needed someone to explain to him ‘why’.  He found that in Irina’s method of teaching.   He went from a student that dreaded math to a math star.  He raised his math average from a low C to an A+.   He enjoys the subject and is most comfortable with it now.  She has equipped him with amazing tools that he will always benefit from.  Irina helped Eric successfully prepare for an admissions test to his private high school he is now attending and continued to help him in some challenging AP courses.  Recently, she has been working with him on SAT prep via Skype sessions.  He is feeling well equipped to take on this next challenge.  His love for math has continued and is now gearing his future towards a degree in Finance.  She has created focus and enthusiasm toward difficult subject matter while making it an enjoyable experience. 
I am so thankful to Irina for all her efforts and the tools for success she continues to give Eric!"

Joyce H., Milford, CT

"After working with Irina Mashinski for approximately 3 months, I am proud to report that I have taken the GRE and received a score I am very pleased with. With Irina's incredible insight and brilliance, I was able to raise my math score 9 points (from a 147 to a 156) and my verbal score 5 points (from a 154 to a 159) since my 1st attempt at the GRE (this was my second attempt). I so appreciate the services you provided, and I wanted to express my sincerest gratitude. Irina is a gem!"

Karen D., Wyckoff, NJ


     I am proud to say that I scored a 31 composite score on my ACT! I scored a 31 in both English and Reading, a 35 in math, and a 26 in science. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have provided. I went from a 28 in English and a 24 in reading to a 31 in both categories. You were a tremendous help!! Again thank you for all you have done."


Alexander G., Paramus, NJ

Irina was very accommodating and helpful. She really worked with my schedule which was great. She also broke down each problem, some that I had been struggling for a long time with, in a way that made it easy. Highly recommend!

Karen K., Ramsey, NJ

“For us, parents, it was important that Irina helped our daughter gain structure and consistency she needed. Our younger son also took lessons preparing for the SATs, and working with him, she found an entirely different approach that  proved to be most effective  in his case.”

Boris B., Demarest, NJ

Irina tutored my son for SAT and ACT testing. He was having a difficult time with math and she really helped him. He has always had difficulty with standardized tests as he tends to panic and not finish. She helped him to learn to slow down, relax and work the problem. We saw measurable improvement in his score after Irina worked with him for just a few sessions. My only complaint is that I didn't find her sooner! You won’t go wrong with Irina

William G., Westwood, NJ

Very helpful and knowledgeable about the GRE! I have a very short time frame before I take the exam and I wish I had approached her sooner!

Maddy F, Washington, DC

“Whether your child is a super-achiever who aims for the best colleges, a struggling and unmotivated student who needs an extra push, or anything in between – Irina Mashinski is the answer!!! She sees every student as a unique and immensely interesting individual with a great inner potential that only awaits discovery. Here is how it happened with my daughter, then a seventh-grader struggling with math and science. When working with her, Irina tried many different types of exercises and found that my daughter was really good at and really enjoyed logic games – something even I didn’t know about her! By emphasizing logical thinking, Irina was able to define my daughter’s unique learning style, boost her confidence, and awaken her intellectual curiosity. My daughter is now a successful college student, and some credit for her achievement goes to Irina Mashinski. Since then, I have recommended Irina to many friends; they all tell me that their children enjoy her lessons and that their performance has improved greatly.”

Lisa E., Tenafly, NJ

"After taking the GMAT for my first time, I wondered if I would ever get the math score required to get into business school. I grew up believing I lacked strength in that area – that is until I was introduced to Irina. Irina and I did about twelve Skype sessions within a couple of months before taking on the GMAT for my second time. After being challenged vigorously, discussing test strategies together, and after plenty of practice&review, I scored high on the math section of the GMAT and was accepted to my top choice school. Today, I am one year into my MBA program at the University of Tampa, and Irina and I remain good friends.".”

Joe C., Tampa, FL

"Irina has been tutoring me to prepare for the GRE. I have learned so much from her and she has been beyond helpful. So happy I met her! Highly recommend her if you are struggling in math, and reading."

Christine G., Paramus, NJ

"Irina left a great first impression. My 17 year old son had his first SAT lesson with her yesterday. She is knowledgeable and patient! So far she gets the highest mark!"

Ralph C., Paramus, NJ

“We’ve had more than two years of experience with Irina Mashinski. We were looking for a tutor who had relevant math experience and was willing to travel to our house, and over time we've realized that Irina has strong math curriculum knowledge which is very important in presenting our son with content similarly to the way he is taught at school. Now, she is the person our son relies upon when he needs to prepare for a test or just to get a deeper understanding of various math topics.

When she works with our son, she uses alternative methods where it is necessary for understanding, aligns review topics with class tests and provides tips on dealing with material.

Irina is very easy to get in touch with and is ready to spent time explaining us strengths and weaknesses in our son’s knowledge of a topic as well as how to get better prepared independently. Additionally, she is very flexible with her schedule. Whenever we needed to adjust to, for example, having a review right before a test or to avoid conflicts with other activities, Irina has always been willing to accommodate. We are planning to continue working with Irina to prepare for SAT as well as we see that our son feels very comfortable with Irina and confident in his math understanding after classes with her."

Victoria K, Oradell, NJ NJ

"My son is a typical high school student, and when he was in 11th grade, the time came to take the SAT exam. Both he and I were concerned about it, but his school recommended Irina as a possible SAT tutor. She is an extremely patient teacher and is excellent at explaining various concepts to students. It is a known fact that studying with a tutor for the SAT exam increases a student's test scores. But after working with Irina my son achieved an extremely high score, which we did not even expect. I'm very happy that I made this decision to have Irina tutor my son for this exam and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a tutor. ”

Irina M., Dingmans Ferry, PA

"Irina has an unusual gift for winning the trust of student  - even of students who tend to be mistrustful or hostile to teachers".

Robert Chandler, translator, editor (UK)

"Irina is a brilliant, exceptionally well-rounded, caring, and charismatic educator.  It is rare to find someone with as wide a range of expertise and as deep a devotion to learning as Irina.  One of her greatest assets is her enthusiasm; it is difficult not to feel excited about a subject when discussing it with her."

Boris Dralyuk, Executive Editor, LARB

"Irina is very nice, patient, understanding, and smart in making you understand the material. She is quite funny as well. She helps you visualize things in an easier way and helps you solve the best and fastest way. Only had one math session but looking forward to 10 more with her! I know she has already increased my score on the GRE that I will take in August. I have bad test anxiety and she changes your perspective of the exam so that it is not so intimidating. That being said, having a great mindset before taking the GRE and knowing how to approach it is a must. I am looking forward to more sessions! "

Breanna Y, Bronx, NY

"The three years I studied with Irina have completely changed my life professionally. She helped me patch big gaps in Mathematics and English that I had, prepared me for the GRE exam, and then mentored me all the way through graduate school.”

Olga S., Englewood, NJ

"Irina tutored by son in math specifically for ACT preparation, for the second time. She was very instrumental with his score improving. I would highly recommend her and will definitely use her as a tutor again."

Kimberly K, Maywood, NJ

"Irina is very competent, motivating, and efficient. All lessons with Irina were very productive. My daughter really likes Irina's teaching style. She understood all concepts explained during the lesson. Highly recommend."

Svetlana S, Fair Lawn, NJ

“I highly recommend Irina Mashinski as a tutor. She is a natural teacher with the highest qualifications and a love of language that is contagious.”

Daniel B., Student of Russian, Teaneck, NJ

"Our daughter was fortunate to be offered the option of being tutored in advanced math by Irina Mashinski.  Tutoring was needed to enable our middle school child to progress to advanced math courses which were ordinarily offered only to high school students.

Irina was “just what the doctor prescribed”; she was knowledgeable and very tolerant.  She ensured that our child truly knew the basics.  This provided the solid foundation so necessary for success in future math course work and our child thrived under Irina’s tutelage.  A student fortunate enough to have Irina for his or her tutoring is programmed for success."

Yelena Z., Fair Lawn, NJ

"I am very grateful to Irina Mashinski for her knowledge, professionalism, and patience in helping my daughter grasp challenging mathematical concepts.  My daughter had a number of math tutors but had a very difficult time connecting and more importantly, comprehending this subject due to the earlier gaps in knowledge that needed to be filled first.  With a grade of a D in math, we needed to find another solution that would work for her.  We were lucky to find Ms. Mashinski who quickly identified the missing pieces, took time to go back and patiently fill in the gaps in my daughter’s math knowledge.  Ms. Mashinski connected with my daughter from day one, built trust, and found ways to explain difficult concepts in an easy to understand manner.  As a result, my daughter is getting ready to graduate High School next year with an A in math.  We went from math not being a strong subject to math being “easy” in a span of a few years, all thanks to Ms. Mashinski .”

Natasha F., Fair Lawn, NJ

"Irina tutored me for the SAT after I was disappointed when I got back my PSAT results. After preparing with her for about a year, my score went up 120 points. I learned so much from her because she knew how to approach every problem in a way that was easy for me to understand. She is an excellent teacher and was beyond helpful and pushed me to achieve the scores I wanted. I highly recommend her tutoring, because she will truly help you. Thank you, Irina!"

Maria Y., Boston, MA

"We would like to share our experience, on multiple and diverse occasions, with Irina's tutoring expertise while helping our son.  Irina has got an extensive skill set covering SAT and college-level preparation in multiple disciplines, including literature, science, and math.
She helped us a lot, and we would gladly recommend her services to those seeking tutoring help."

Michael S., Fair Lawn, NJ

Great Tutor! Knowledgeable, punctual, can explain the problem from several angles until students will understand, on time for the lessons, in communication via phone, email, and text can send homework if you ask for it.

Irina L., New York, NY

On July 7th, 2020 my children, ages 9 and 6, took a trial Russian lesson with Irina. Both children were raised by my Russian speaking mother, and me and my husband mostly speaking Russian at home. At first, both children learned Russian as their first language. However, after they entered the American schools at the age of 3, despite our family’s trying to continue to communicate in Russian at home, both stopped speaking Russian. They still understood simple directions, but required some translation to English. Both also never read or wrote in Russian.
Our goals for our American-born children are to give them a solid foundation in the Russian language so they know and keep their distinct cultural identity.  Appreciation and love of their family roots is important to us. We hope that they will be able to communicate with other Russian speaking people in the future. We conveyed that we would like them to understand, speak, write, and read in Russian. Our desire is that one day our son and daughter would thank us for introducing them to another language and keeping their Russian roots, allowing them to pass this on to their own children.
After the first Russian lesson, we knew Irina would be the right Russian teacher for my children. Irina is organized, knows the methodology of teaching the Russian language, finds a way for children to listen to her, knows how to tailor her lessons for specific students, and how to motivate and keep kids engaged and happy! Also, Irina is remarkably dynamic, agile and conforms to each child individually.  She fosters solid learning skills and possesses an ability to establish respectful but kind relationships with her students. She is patient, caring, and dedicated to the success of my kids! So far, almost six months since we started with Irina, we see a steady progress! Both kids can read, know many Russian poems, and have begun to speak Russian. Most importantly, each week they look forward to their lesson, willing to continue to learn Russian with Irina. Irina made a difference for us. Thank you, Irina, for your devotion, adaptability, clear communication, preparation, and love for our children.

Larisa C., Demarest, NJ

My name is Ryan G.  In 2021, Irina helped me prepare for the GRE. She a very competent and knowledgeable teacher, and very  motivating and efficient helping  me understand what I needed to succeed on the test. My math section improved by 10 points with her help!

Ryan G.,  New City, NY

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